All you need to know about iOS7 and its top features

Yesterday I watched Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference(WWDC) 2013 from beginning to end and all I can say is it’s totally mind-blowing and packed with full awesomeness. Apple showed the latest IOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9 Maverick with a whole new set of features and options.

ios-7 home screen

The new iOS 7 is completely different and flat compared to what we are used to today. Most simple and unassuming as could be identified. The Jony Ive played an important role in the new design, which according to Tim Cook in iOS 7 is the biggest change since the first iPhone.

New Look of IOS7 and its top features

iOS 7 brings a brand new look for the operating system with flatter icons and UI elements. All system icons are redesigned around a standardized grid to unify the look. It also brings animated wallpapers and there’s a dynamic parallax effect between the icons and the wallpaper as you turn and tilt your phone.


There’s a new lock screen in town that offers access to the camera, to notifications and a quick settings panel called Control Center.Translucent effects in particular give the user a sense of context. The keyboard layer that comes on top of the browser, email or message is transparent so you can still see sort of where you are inside the OS, and that kind of effect applies to other UI layers that may appear be seen at one point or another during regular usage.

Apple’s head of design, Jony Ive mentioned that the new iOS 7 icons features a new palette of color which replaces the modern shades and tones. Apple says that this new redesigned iOS will make your iPhone look bigger as all the apps now makes batter use of screen. Even small things like Network signal icons including calendar, phone, messages, Game Center, and others had been replaced with the new look and feel.

What are the new features in IOS7

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Control Center


For Android guys- its already there. Control center is just like the Android’s notification bar containing some quick access setup options, Control Center is the same thing and is just like a menu that you can swipe to gain access to most common functions like adjust its brightness, play, pause, or skip a song, connect to AirPlay-enabled devices and quickly access your flashlight, timer, calculator, and camera.

 [icon name=icon-chevron-right] Multi Tasking

ios7 Multitasking-app-switching

A much bigger change is a revamped multitasking system that allows apps to update much more often, while not wasting battery. To do that, iOS 7 keeps track when you use a specific app (all day, just in the morning and the evening) and lets the app update during that period. It also uses “opportunistic updates” – when you wake the device, it’s going to use power anyway so iOS lets any available app update run in the background. It also keeps track of signal quality and if it’s good, it updates multiple apps at once

 [icon name=icon-chevron-right] Lock Screen

The Lock screen, just like the Home screen, is aware of hand movements, thus giving the impression of a live 3D wallpaper. In particular, the lock screen with its bubbles is similar to a certain Android lock screen that you’ll surely remember. Also you can access notification bar right from the lock screen.

 [icon name=icon-chevron-right] AirDrop

ios7 Airdrop

With AirDrop, iOS device users can share photos, videos, documents, contacts, “and anything else from any app” from the Share button. As long the persons you want to share stuff with are in reach (Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth), you can do that from inside the app that supports this sharing features.

 [icon name=icon-chevron-right] iTunes Radio

ios7 itunes radio

Apple has introduced its own music streaming service in iOS 7. Called iTunes Radio, the service will be available for free with ads, or free of charge without ads to those people that already pay for the yearly iTunes Match subscription.The service will be available in the U.S. at first, but it will roll out to other markets after that. The service will be available to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and Apple TV.

What do you think of Apple’s new mobile OS?

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