Best SMS App for Android

The stock SMS app for Android lack some functionality for an avid texter. In Android 4.4 Hangout is the default one. Some people bored with default one and they might want to try new ones, Of course there are plenty of SMS apps are available in Play Store.

If you are looking for new messaging apps We’ve put together a list of the 5 best sms app for android.

1. Hello SMS


Hello SMS is the best messaging app I’ve ever used. The reason why I love Hello sms is its interface mainly the the no clutter interface, its Ui and functions. It has a unique tabs based interface. On the left hand side all the conversations are arranged you just have to tap on the photos of your friends to open up the conversation. Another great feature is this app automatically switches to a “dark mode” at night, which is much easier on your eyes!




2. Hover Chat Free

sms app android hover chat

Hover Chat has the same functionality of Facebook Messenger by bringing cool pop-up bubbles. It enables true multitasking by allowing you to read and reply to incoming messages without ever leaving your current screen. So no matter what you are doing you can instantly reply to incoming messages.




3. Evolve SMS

best android sms app

Evolve SMS feels like Android Kitkat design and it is packed with a lot of settings. One of the great features of the texting app is inline replying, something every messaging app should have. With inline replying, you tap reply in the notification drawer, and instead of going to the app, you’re able to reply to the message right away. While composing a new message you can view earlier conversations.


 4. Textra SMS

best sms app for android

If you want a future rich sms app from the stock one you can checkout Textra sms. It has a few different themes to choose from, over 800 emojis, animated GIF support, a quick reply pop-up window, group messaging, and so much more. If your phone supports LED notifications you can change of the notification LED colour, with users also able to customise the pulsing of the notification vibration.


5. Chomp SMS

chomp SMS is a souped-up alternative to the boring stock SMS & MMS messaging app, with a heap more features. It’s easier to use, it’s more intuitive and it’s faster. chompSMS delivers features such as chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures, templates, blacklisting, heaps pf customizations, free SMS via TextFreek Service and a lot more. Loads of cool features like 800+ emoji’s, passcode app lock, message lock, heaps of privacy options, scheduled SMS sender (e.g reminders, birthday wishes), stop a text while sending, backup, blacklisting / SMS blocker (e.g. block ex-friend, spam), signatures, text snippets, quick reply popup.


Do you have any other messaging apps to suggest? Happy Texting!

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