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Mega launches Official Android App

Mega launches Official Android App

Kim Dotcom’s Mega online cloud storage service that gives you 50GB of secure storage for free. Earlier there is an unofficial app from an android developer, Mega acquired that app and launched it as their official app with lot of new changes.

The MEGA App for Android is a native Android interface to the MEGA service. It allows you to browse your files, upload and download, search and more.

android mega app


This Android app was clearly a good choice as it has a decent feature list:

  • Browse your Mega storage account.
  • Fast upload and download files from your Android device.
  • Camera Sync, upload your photos and videos to Mega automatically.
  • Search for files within your Mega account.
  • Create public link to files in your Mega account.
  • Delete files, Rename files, Move files, and Create folders.

Google Play link


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